Our History

We are a European operational consultancy and engineering group specialised in industry. Our mission is to enable our clients to grow faster by helping them complete their projects.


agap2 group

  • 5000 employees in 2018
  • Turnover of €354M in 2018
  • Offices in 10 countries  
  • Created in 2005

agap2 Belgium

  • Office in Brussel
  • Specialized in sectors of : energy, railway, healthcare, construction and infrastructures, chemicals and aerospace & defense.
  • Ambitious, motivated



We are agap2


A human adventure

Ten years following the creation of agap2, we are still driven by a desire to conquer, outdo ourselves and make the future a reality. To make a comparison with the world of sports, we are a team. This team must strive for excellence, continually raise the bar, move forward and, above all, enjoy what it does. We have a single goal: to succeed.


More than 10 years of experience in industry