20 October 2018

agap2 takes a novel approach to raising its teams’ disability awareness

On the 18th October 2018, agap2 adopted a novel approach to address disability awareness by introducing two Paralympic champions: Michaël Jemeriasz and Charlotte Fairbank.

doing away with preconceived ideas

The aim of this event was to debunk widely held beliefs concerning disability, and encourage our employees to realise that we are all concerned. By way of a reminder, the following key figures were provided during the conference:

  • 75% of disabled people become disabled after the age of 15

  • Only 2% of disabled people are in a wheelchair. 

Patrice Giudicelli, co-founder and president of the group, took to the floor to remind us that disability must not be equated with lack of performance. And performance is a key notion for agap2.


This event proved a resounding success for all concerned. We thank all our employees for taking part, and for attending this original agap2 operation in such large numbers. We hope to organise a similar event in the future to promote awareness of this crucial subject.