11 September 2018

An electric future

As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric aims to become a major stakeholder in e-mobility. Emilie M., consultant for agap2, works in the EV department, where they design, produce and market a wide range of charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVlink) to meet energy requirements in the future.


Following the announcements made during the COP21 forum and those made by certain cities to do away with diesel vehicles, e-mobility, that is the use of more environmentally-friendly vehicles, is fast becoming a solution for the future. And the energy transformation is already well underway, seeing as the electric vehicle market is growing by 50 % every year. As a supplier of recharging terminals, Schneider EV intends to be part of this trend, and support users and cities in this automotive revolution.

Within the EV department, I’m in charge of procurements for continuous engineering activities (double sourcing, component obsolescence, issues with customers, etc.) as well as for range expansion projects (the addition of new functions, customisation, etc.).

I was recently also put in charge of Supplier and Project Quality. Schneider EV must provide customers with robust and reliable products, as well as After Sales and Technical services. All technical actions undertaken must be customer-oriented, and serve the activity’s economic growth in the best way possible.
EV activity can be compared to a start-up operating within Schneider’s midst, versatility being its key word. We don’t have time to get bored: procurement, quality, logistics, project management, etc. The ongoing aim is to contribute to the activity’s expansion and customer satisfaction.

Contrary to the other projects I have completed for Schneider, this one has enabled me to come to grips with new areas of business (Marketing, Business Development, Sales…) and apprehend offer management from A to Z: from technical design to marketing, including After Sales services. 

Émilie M.
EV Purchasing Leader