13 April 2017

Next Ultimate Championship with our business manager Brice

A champion in our team! Brice plays ultimate frisbee for more than ten years now. He will soon participate to the World Championship of Beach Ultimate which will take place in Royan, France.
A perfect occasion for him to tell us more about this sport and his passion.

Our agapian competitor

Brice is from Brussels, and studied at the École Polytechnique of Brussels. After passing his diploma in civil electromechanical engineering, with an aeronautical specialization, he decided to apply as a consultant in agap2. “Some would talk about lucky misunderstandings, some others about opportunities, but I finally occupy the position of Business Manager at agap2 Belgium”.

For how long have you been practicing ultimate frisbee?

I am starting my 13th year as an ultimate player. The first 5-6 years served as the famous sport you have to practice during your youth to spend your energy, and the 7 following were more the result of an incurable addiction.”

For those who do not know, ultimate frisbee is a collective sport discipline whose particularity is to use a flying disc opposing two teams of seven players. It can be played on grass, on sand or indoor. It is a contactless sport whose objective is to cross the field by making successive passes. The particularity of this sport is its self-refereeing. It is the responsibility of each player to respect and to stick to the rules. Spirit of the game, respect and fair play are at the heart of the values of this sport.

Brice started ultimate in 2004. At that time, he trained only once a week. But not for long. He adds: “Before I started my studies I trained once a week. Then I joined the university team in Brussels in addition to my club. Near the end of my studies, I needed more and more; I joined a third club, so I could train every day of the week. It was great!

He discovered this sport thanks to a childhood friends of his who practiced ultimate as an extra-curricular activity during the holidays. “He came back to school with a frisbee and initiated us. I immediately liked the concept of the sport. So, I got information about the possibilities in Brussels. In 2004, making ultimate frisbee in Belgium was not so common. The choice of the club was therefore made quite quickly, and the discovery of this new community was a turning point in my life. As I said, it was especially when I began my higher education that I started living alone and being left to myself that I discovered the true nature of this sport. “

Beyond the sport: a real community 

What do you like in that sport?  

“Ultimate is not so much the sport that, even though it’s incredibly fun to practice, makes people so addicted. It is the philosophy of life of the players that is so special. The reason is simple: ultimate is a sport officially included in the Olympic committee and does not use referee. The consequence is huge; Each player has the power to stop the game in case of “infraction”. Thus, what is the point of trying to discreetly elbow an opponent or snatch the frisbee out of his hands if this one can legitimately retrieve the frisbee? As a result, players play for the simple purpose of playing, having fun, doing the best possible, without spoiling the pleasure of another player. However, this operating mode does not please everyone. This responsibility of self-refereeing not being appreciated by all, many people try ultimate and give up quickly, leaving only the players who adhere to this philosophy within our clubs. Therefore, during our various meetings through leagues, tournaments and championships, we meet people with whom many affinities appear quickly. And that’s all this social aspect, that makes players so addicted. “

Brice’s first major competition was the European Nations Championships in 2007. At that time, Belgium had only a hundred players. “The championship with various divisions, including the” Under 17 “division, the competition was not harsh. So, from the top of my 16 years, I participated in the European Championship representing Belgium for the first time! I would not specify our results, it wasn’t … Masterful. The fact remains that, from year to year, the Belgian level has exploded. We now count thousands of players, and our participation in various tournaments and championships has multiplied. Conclusion, at the last competition, Belgium caused a sensation in London, for the World Championship 2016, finishing 7th in the category “Open”. “

Next step: The World Championship!


In June 2017, the Sand World Championships will be held in Royan, France. “Once again, Belgium will try to impress its opponent despite the exoticism of the field. Indeed, playing on sand is not so common for us. However, we are participating in various tournaments as a training. On the Belgian, French, Spanish, Italian beaches … Yes; some trainings are more difficult to live than others … “


We wish them lots of luck!