23 November 2018


Being a process engineer is a very flexible and engaging position. Lydon talks about his vision and what he particularly enjoys in his function.

Being a process engineer is a very flexible and engaging position. In my first year alone I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. My main responsibilities included: project lead, basic technical design, site testing, operational analysis and the procurement of several hundred thousand euros worth of equipment, to name but a few. Excitingly, during the next stage of my current project, I am privileged enough to be the main engineer responsible for bringing online and commissioning a modified medicine production line.

Engineers perform a key function within any industrial setting. We are both the knowledge reservoir and the guiding hand of any project. The upper echelons may have an idea of what they want to implement but it falls to us engineers to find, propose and realize an actual technical solution and pathway to materialize these ideas. This means that every project will be different and therefore a challenge in its own unique way. Being able to bring an idea from paper into reality and see it work in the way you predicted is extremely rewarding and makes you feel like you make a real contribution to not only the project/company but society as a whole. At the end of the day that’s why I became an engineer and I. Love. It.