25 juni 2020

François tells us about his situation during the lockdown

François, who graduated with a master's degree in architectural civil engineering in 2019 and a consultant at agap2 for 1 year, is currently working on his first project in a company active in the biomedical sector. He is responsible for the design of the buildings and plants housing the technology created by the client company.

Tell me about your project?

I’m in the building design part. In charge of answering customer questions on site all over the world, especially in Asia and America (20% of the time of his project is spent travelling). I’m in charge of standardizing layouts to optimize the speed of response, the relevance of documents to customers.

What was your situation during lockdown period?

I’ve been fully teleworking since March 12. The client had made the decision to telework for all if the work could be done from home. I work mainly on a computer basis so I could do everything from home. Of course, all my trips were cancelled.

How did you experience remote working?

On a personal level, we set up a routine with my roommate to brighten up the day, for example, we did one hour of sports a day. At work, it was complicated because I need social contact, it’s an integral part of my job to be able to talk to everyone all the time, so it was difficult. As far as the quality of my work is concerned, I don’t think it had an impact. I still had to rearrange my workspace; I even redesigned my own office.

What tips have you found to communicate effectively despite the distance?

I had a half-hour meeting with the members of my team every day at noon for two months. It was mostly to discuss how it felt to be in lockdown, to find out how things were progressing, to share information.

Now we meet once a week. We finally increased the number of meetings from the traditional number to maintain and develop social contact.

Do you think this will change something in the organization of work in the future?

We already had 1 day of telework per week authorized and even encouraged. I think that in the future we will be entitled to even more flexibility.

How was the relationship with agap2?

I’ve been in contact with my Business Manager quite regularly to get some news, talk for 10 minutes. I felt the presence of agap2 and the support of my manager, I don’t think he could have done better, he handled the situation well! I received the hygiene kit as well; it was a good sign of attention from agap2.

What lessons do you learn from lockdown?

Social contact is very important, even for work. Being together is an enormous added value. Now I’m going to learn to enjoy it more and differently.